cleanway services terms and conditions

Prices are subject to change.  Pre-existing conditions and/or damage may affect pricing or ability to properly complete cleaning. 

One area equals any room up to 225 square feet; combined living areas may be considered as two rooms. Areas exceeding 225 square feet will be priced as additional areas. Baths, halls, staircases, area rugs and large walk-in closets may be priced separately. Sectionals sofas may not be separated. Sofas over 7 ft. and certain fabrics may incur additional charges. Tile cleaning service applies only to Ceramic and Porcelain tiles. $100.00 completed job minimum required.

Portable equipment may be required for areas above the 2nd floor or if guaranteed adjacent parking is not available. Use of portable equipment may result in a higher required portable job minimum, a portable surcharge or a price increase with necessary price adjustments made at time of service.

Mold inspections are priced at $100 per inspection. We may add a travel surcharge depending on the location of your home. We will inform you of this before confirming booking. 

For commercial air duct cleaning quotes please email or call 802-748-1697. 

Contact Cleanway Services at 802-748-1697 for more information.