Why Clean Air Ducts in Schools?

Our children are the next generation and go to school every day to receive the education they need to be functioning members of society. What if the place they go to every day was not safe for them to be in? This is a real possibility if the air ducts of the school have not been properly cleaned in a long time. The quality of air can play a large part in the health of the members inside these buildings of education.

If you are a parent, there are ways you should always ensure your child’s, or children’s, health is safe. Here are some things that are potentially dangers if air duct cleaning for schools are not performed:

·         The children will be exposed to dirt and debris in the air, which has increased potential to give them short and long-term health problems, like asthma. (Asthma is actually the number one cause of student absenteeism.)

·         Because of airborne illnesses, more students, teachers, and staff will need to stay home from school due to their sickness.

·         Both staff and students will have much lower productivity levels.

·         The HVAC equipment of the school will have a much lower life expectancy if there is never any air duct cleaning for schools performed. The HVAC’s efficiency will also be significantly hampered.

·         The relationships between the members of the school will be strained due to the issues of the air quality being ignored and never addressed.

·         With the air quality being so poor, there could potentially be some quite expensive liability issues.

It is quite clear why the air ducts of school should be regularly cleaned and maintained. When the equipment is properly maintained, the air quality is quite good and will be clean and clear, allowing the children and staff to be more productive and able to attend more regularly, since their health won’t be as much at risk by airborne illnesses.

If you have noticed your child is getting sick very often, or has been complaining to you about the dust and dirt in the air at his or her school, don’t sit idly by. Call a trusted company and they will work with you and the school’s administration to find if there is a problem with the air ducts and the HVAC equipment. Don’t let the health of your children be at risk when there is something you can do about it. The health of everyone in a school is at risk when the air is not clean.

Adam Barker

Vice President, Air Systems Cleaning Specialist 

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