Why Hire A Professional

A good mold remediation company can be worth its weight in gold. This may seem like a bold statement to make, but if your home has been consumed with mold, you will surely find it justified. This member of the fungi family should not be welcome in your residence. Some types can be extremely dangerous to your health and will spread throughout your home causing incredible amounts of damage. This is not a problem you should tackle yourself. If it is a small spot you may take your best shot, but if it expands beyond 10 square feet, a specialist should be enlisted for assistance. Here is how a professional company removes this problem from your home.

Identify & Isolate - You may clean your home in hopes of eradicating the various types of mold you find, but the chances of it returning are highly likely. A specialist in the field will know exactly how to identify and isolate the problem. It is easy to observe the spots in your bathroom, on a wall or on a ceiling, but what about the areas you cannot see? A professional can determine if you have a problem behind baseboards, wallpaper, paneling or drywall. He will check under carpeting, under sinks, around pipes, in attics, basements and in the HVAC system. Once located the area could be sealed off to prevent the problem from spreading.

Cleansing & Disinfecting– In more serious cases a mold remediation expert might utilize personal protection equipment while engaging in the cleaning process. They will use some type of HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) vacuum and other state-of-the-art cleaning equipment. These industry specialists are highly trained and knowledgeable to get the job done right.  They will use quality cleaning products designed to remove and eliminate the problem.

Repair & Removal– Once the cleaning is done any damaged porous material must be removed. Any leaky roofs or pipes will need to be repaired. In addition, the drying and dehumidification process is initiated. The HVAC system must be cleaned inspected and treated as well to ensure spores of mold are not sent spiraling through your home.

Do not be misled by general contractors that claim they are qualified to eradicate this problem effectively. Most do not have the proper training, knowledge or experience to ensure the job is done right. It is best to contact a reputable mold remediation expert that specializes in this field of service.