Why Is Hood Vent Cleaning Important?

Reduces the risk of fire: The purpose of a vent hood is to trap as much grease, smoke and grime as possible. That’s why it’s located directly above the cooking surface. Over time, the hood accumulates a sticky layer of grease. If heated to a high enough temperature, this grease could ignite. Grease fires are incredibly dangerous and burn very hot, so any step you can take to reduce this risk is worth taking.

Reduce Dangerous Particle Emissions: The grimier a kitchen vent hood becomes, the less efficient it is at trapping grease, smoke and other grime. Particles not trapped in the vent hood are free to escape into the air inside the building. This causes a potential health risk to your kitchen staff and other people in the building.

Stay in Compliance:  If a local fire official makes a surprise visit to your commercial kitchen, he could fine you or shut down the establishment if he discovers the kitchen hood is not clean and well maintained. This isn’t something you ever want to deal with!

Keep your insurance costs down: Insurance companies require commercial kitchens to comply with all fire safety codes. If you’re found in violation of any codes, you could lose coverage or watch helplessly as your premiums skyrocket.

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Why Shouldn't you clean your hood vent system yourself?

The fact is you could clean your kitchen hood yourself if you really wanted to, but it’s strongly recommended that you hire a professional for the job.

A fire protection and prevention expert can help you:

Save time and effort: Hood cleaning is a difficult, messy and time-consuming task. Hiring an expert frees up time to run your establishment.

Get the job done right: Vent hoods are intricate, and if you don’t have experience cleaning them, you could overlook something important. Professionals get the job done efficiently and thoroughly!

Address necessary repairs: It’s possible your kitchen hood system isn’t working properly. Having a professional clean it serves as an opportunity to check for correct system operation and make any necessary repairs.

Address Fire Code Issues:  Fire codes change over the years. If you’re working in an old building that is no longer up to code, a hood cleaning professional can tell you what changes you need to make.


How often should you have your Industrial Hood Vent System Cleaned?

That question depends upon what you are cooking in your kitchen. Follow the guidelines below for any help you may need in deciding how often to have your industrial hood vent system cleaned. 

For over Non-Greased appliances: One year requirement

 Pizza Restaurants and oven hoods: One Hundred eighty day cleaning requirement

 Average restaurants, cafeterias and hotel or hospital kitchens: Ninety day cleaning requirement

Hamburger and fast food restaurants, wood-burning or charcoal-burning stoves, restaurants open 24 hours: Thirty day cleaning requirement