How to Remove Odors from your Home

When it comes to the removal of odors from a residence, business, or facility it takes more than just opening windows or applying a standard deodorizer which often only temporarily masks the issues. Instead, professional care will need to be taken when it comes to proper deodorization. 

The consumer model of deodorization generally consists of using a combination of cleaning compounds and fragrances that mask the remaining odors for a short period of time. While the removal of the source of the odors is necessary and often accomplished, the lingering effects can last for years even with the heavy use of fragrant-based products. 

Of the many professional methods used to remove odors, there are two that really stand out in terms of effectiveness and long-lasting results. 


This is a simple, yet very effective odor removal system that uses a petroleum-based product which is emitted by a fogging device. The device is essentially heated so that a fog emanates out and fills the room like a mist. The ingredients actually neutralize all odorous molecules by altering their composition through a fragrance modifier. Essentially, all the molecules that cause odor have an additional molecule added during the fogging process which changes their structure and eliminates the odor. 

Thermal fogging is very effective and can really clean out the odors in a room without leaving behind a film or deposit. This makes for very effective smoke smell removal or similar types of odors where the source is no longer present, but the smell still comes from all parts of the room, office, or home.  It is important to extinguish all flames and heat sources before the fogging effect takes place. Plus, anyone entering the room when the fog is still present needs to wear respiratory gear for protection.  

UV Ozone Generation

Certainly one of the most popular and widespread professional deodorization processes in use today, this particular system is very well suited for smoke smell removal as well as pet odor removal and other types of odor neutralization. 
It works through the use of oxidation that actually removes the odor particles by adding more oxygen into the air. This simple, but very effective method provides clean air without any residue or unnatural smell to the room, office, facility, or structure where it is used. This method should not be confused with air purifiers that do not clean out the unwanted odors, but instead as means to actually eliminate odorous particles. 

It is important that no one is present in the room when the ozone generator is in use. Only those who turn on or off the machine should be present and only for very brief periods of time. While highly effective, it should be used in controlled places such as an ozone chamber or sealed area where it can be subjected up to 48 hours of treatment if necessary. The ozone gas is very well suited for smoke removal as well as other types of odors where the source has been eliminated, but the odors have infiltrated the rest of the room itself. 

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